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Our tenants reviews

What do we really need to say here?
Our tenant reviews say it all :-)

5 star Google+ rated by our Newcastle tenants

We work very hard to make sure our tenants are happy in their houses and we think this shows in the great reviews we get from our students. We are 5 star rated on Google+ and you can read the reviews for yourself on our Google+ page.

More reviews from our students below...

"Hi Kerry, Thank you so much for everything your company has done over the past year, having previously had trouble with a housing company coming to you was just what we needed!

Hassle-free, friendly and reliable landlords. If we ever had a problem or a question about anything it was solved so quickly, it was amazing. The location was so handy as well having Chillingham Road just on our doorsteps and the rooms and house itself were nicely decorated and so roomy for a student house. Thanks very much for making our 3rd year at uni so good, I wish we had found you sooner and I'd recommend you to any student living in Newcastle.

Clare, Trewhitt Road

"Hi Kerry, Thank you very much and thank you for being such excellent landlords!

Best wishes,

Sophie, Spencer Street"

"Hi Kerry

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the hard work you have given the girls at Meldon Terrace. From the word go when you picked us up from halls and chauffeured us round until we got what we wanted to handing in our keys and e-mailing you our final bills. Always just a text or phone call away we cannot find fault with anything, only praise for you and your consistency.

Thanks again, from all of us."

Ruth, Meldon Terrace

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone at Findspace for all your help throughout the year. We would like to tell you that we have had a fantastic year in a very lovely house that we are all sorry to leave.

You are by far the best landlord we have ever had and if I need accommodation for uni next year you will definitely be hearing from me!

Thank you very much."

Rachael, Warton Terrace

"Just a note to say thanks for letting us live in such a lovely house, we had a great year!. All the best for the future."

Beth, Karen & Lucy, Cardigan Terrace

"Dear Kerry

Thank you for being such a brilliant landlord, I couldn't have asked for better...wish we found Findspace sooner!!"

Hannah, Biddlestone Road


I have now moved back to Liverpool permanently and would like to thank you and Phil for providing a good quality living experience for me and my other housemates for the last two years.

Many thanks once again"

Oliver, Trewhitt Road

"Just thought I should let you know personally that I'm going to be staying here another year. Can I also take this opportunity to thank you for a damn near perfect first two months in our new house! If things have needed fixing, you've sorted it, if we had any questions, you've answered them. It's been an amazing, hassle free experience and I shall definitely recommend Findspace to any student!"

Andrew, Cardigan Terrace

"Just wanted to give you this bottle of wine as a small token of our thanks for being such good landlords. We have really enjoyed renting from you for the last two years.

Wishing you and Findspace all the best for the future - Thank you!"

Helen, Rach, Sarah, Cheltenham Terrace, Newcastle

"We have really enjoyed our tenancy with Findspace. The standard of their accommodation is incredible, especially given the affordable rent. Their attention to detail, including the general upkeep of the house and our more specific requirements as tenants, has made our time with them easy and worry-free.

When choosing a landlord it is so important to find someone reliable, and in this respect we feel Findspace are second to none, taking interest in us as students and looking out for our welfare, rather than just seeing us as tenants. Their kind and approachable manner puts us at ease and has made our first year in non-University accommodation simple and hassle-free, which is not to be underestimated.

We would, and have, recommended Findspace to friends, emphasizing that Findspace are one in a million - landlords you can actually trust are a rarity! When looking for a house for the next year, we made it a priority to check the Findspace properties first, and are delighted to be continuing our tenancy with them."

Alison, Helen, Emily, Cartington Terrace, Newcastle

"Findspace is a great company, with great staff, if you ever have a problem it gets fixed immediately and all the staff are really friendly. We love the company so much were staying with them for next year!"

Laura, Biddlestone Road, Newcastle

"Thank you so much for all the help and support you've given us over the past year. You and your team have been brilliant! We were all amazed at the efficiency with which you made things happen.

We've had a brilliant year in our house and I hope this years tenants will too.

Thank you all so much."

Scot, Cartington Terrace, Newcastle

"I have found my experience with Findspace to be completely superb, every issue has been dealt with in a prompt and professional manner. As landlords they provide fantastic properties which are great value for money, and are extremely approachable if any issues do arise during your tenancy. I have had absolutely no issues with my lease, and look forward to renting from Findspace Ltd again next year."

Oliver Creed, Cartington Terrace, Newcastle

"We have only been with Findspace for one year and, even in that short time, have found them to be excellent landlords. We were all on 3-year courses and, after living in halls together, moved into a house with a different Letting agent for year 2 who, after we decided we were moving out, ignored our phone calls and when we had a problem, whether urgent or not, it was never solved and we had to contact the Landlord instead (who also wasn't happy).

Findspace have been the complete opposite and have always been available even though, as we graduate this year, we are not staying with them."

The girls, Trewhitt Road, Newcastle

"We cannot find fault with Findspace! They are very easy to contact and are always friendly and helpful. The house is finished to a very high standard and any problems are dealt with very quickly and without a fuss. Thank You Findspace!"

Lois Cooke, Rothbury Terrace, Newcastle

"I would just like to say how good I found your company for dealing with student requirements, so thank you very much, the four of us who lived at Cardigan Terrace have taken away with us some of the most fantastic memories whilst living at that address.

Thank you very much and I would be more than happy to recommend you to any student."

Lauren Housley, Cardigan Terrace, Newcastle

"Once again thank you for being such a good landlord. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other students and would want to use you again in the future."

Matthew Young, Cartington Terrace, Newcastle

"I wanted to say thanks again for our final year. You really made a difference in our lives by being so dependable. I hope you know the level of trust that you and your company inspires in people. It really makes a difference to trust and like your landlords!

I know a few of us are wanting to come back to Newcastle next year. I hope you don't mind if yours is the first company we try!"

Chris Storton, Cartington Terrace, Newcastle

"Thank you very much for being such great landlords for the last 2 years. It was a pleasure being tenants of Findspace. All the best for the future."

Sian, Freddie, Laura and Natalie, Cartington Terrace, Newcastle

"Thank you for such a wonderful stay at your property. We hope you find it left to your satisfaction and that the new tenants enjoy it as much as we did"

Sam Raikes, Cardigan Terrace, Newcastle

"Thank you very much for your e-mail regarding our house winning the Clean House Prize.

Thank you very much for being such great landlords."

Sian, Cartington Terrace, Newcastle

"We are absolutely thrilled to have won the £250 prize for Second Avenue, we put a lot of work into cleaning!"

Helen, Jessica, Rachel and Sarah, Second Avenue, Newcastle

"Thanks for 3 years of your help and brilliant houses, we never had any problems. Hope your new tenants are as good as us!"

Claire and Sara, Biddlestone Road, Newcastle

"Please find enclosed the back door keys for the lock you changed last week (they were under the washing machine), sorry for the inconvenience. We'd also like to say thank-you to you both and Chris for everything you've done over the last 2 years"

Cat, Julie, Laura, Louise, Phil and Will, King John Terrace, Newcastle

"We've stayed on in the same property as we have thoroughly enjoyed the property the last year. The kitchen, bathroom and living room are a decent size for the six of us living here. All the bedrooms are all a large size and fully furnished with modern items. The landlords have been extremely polite and helpful even with unexpected events that have occurred throughout the year. I would definitely recommend Findspace and this property to any students looking."

Will Cheung, King John Terrace, Newcastle

“I have rented three properties from Findspace and would never consider moving companies due to the service we have received. All properties have had high standards, good sized rooms and all well furnished. During the three years if there have been any problems with the property, it only took one phone call and it was sorted for us immediately. The staff at Findspace have always been helpful, friendly and understanding. I would highly recommend this company.”

Clare Wands, Biddlestone Road, Newcastle

“I have rented from Findspace for two years now, and I have always been very happy with the service received. We initially chose this company because of the competitive prices and the friendly banter we received when looking around some of the properties. Chris has always been very approachable and easy to get in touch with, if he is around at the house he will quite often stay for a cup of tea to ensure everything is ok. When we had problems with the boiler Chris sent a company round the same day who also delivered an excellent service.
Findspace feel like a small family run business but they have many properties and impeccable service.”

Sara Crumley, Biddlestone Road, Newcastle

"I have been renting a Findspace house for two years and have found Findspace to be a co-operative and reliable agency. They always make the effort to respond promptly to any concerns and are pleasant to deal with. The house is kept well maintained and is good value for money."

H. Mackay, Cheltenham Terrace, Newcastle

“Thanks for being the best landlords. We are going to miss this house.

Love the girls @ Rothbury Terrace, Newcastle xxxx!!”

“On behalf of my housemates and I we would like to say how thoroughly decent and professional your company and all of the employees we met were. We shall be recommending you highly. Two of us are now moving to London (near Imperial College Hammersmith Campus) and were wondering if you still had any houses/flats for between 4 or 5 people. Many thanks to all of you folks.”

James Peacock, Cartington Terrace, Newcastle

"Excellent Landlords that you know actually care."

"Brilliant landlords, couldn't recommend them highly enough. "

"I've been with Findspace for a year now and plan to stay in the same house for my final year.."

"Reasonable prices and they are easily contactable via email, phone or text. Would recommend :)"

"Cooperative and friendly landlords. Well maintained and affordable houses. Highly recommend for any students!"

"I've been living in a Findspace house for the last 2 years. They've been great landlords. The house is great, the rent is reasonable, they're quick to solve any issues that arrive, and are very friendly. Well recommended. "

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